3.59% Fixed

Rate Type
Initial Rate
Overall Cost For Comparison (APR)
Initial Period
3 years to 31/10/2020.
Reversion Rate
4.80% (LIBOR + 4.50%).
Purchase and remortgage
Min - Max Loan Amount
Min - Max Mortgage Term
5 to 25 years.
Min - Max Age
From 21 years to 90 years old.
Income Required
We have no minimum salary requirement data.
Repayment Options
Interest only or repayment.
Rent to Interest Cover
125% at 5.50%.
Acceptable property locations
England, Wales, Isle of Wight
Early Repayment Charges
5% of the amount being repaid for the first year, then 4% until the end of year 2, then 3% until the end of year 3 from drawdown (Can overpay up to 10% pa without penalty.).
Arrangement Fee
2.00 % due on completion.
Broker Fee
A broker fee of £497 will apply for personal applications and £597 for applications made by limited companies.
Free Legals and Valuations
No fees free options are available.
If an applicant requires a re-offer/decides to change the product or any details on the application after the mortgage has been offered, a non-refundable administration fee of £250 is payable prior to the amended mortgage offer being issued. A non-refundable £100 admin fee is included within the cost of the Valuation fee. If the loan is being taken out in a limited company, please note that this lender will require unsupported personal guarantees from all applicants and a standard legal charge will be taken.
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